MasterCard released PayPass SDK for app developers

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MasterCard continues to show support for NFC technology

Most of the world’s major financial institutions have shown their support for NFC technology. MasterCard is no different, but the credit giant has been more conservative in its approach to the technology than its competitors. NFC technology is most commonly associated with mobile commerce, a growing industry that has the potential to change the way consumers make payments for goods and services. The popularity of the technology has been marred by concerns regarding safety and efficiency, causing many in the financial services sector to question the viability of NFC. MasterCard, however, continues its cautious use of the technology.

SDK to help developers create new NFC applications

MasterCard has released a new software development kit (SDK) for its PayPass mobile payment system. The SDK will allow developers to make better use of the PayPass system and incorporate it into their own applications. The PayPass relies heavily on NFC technology, allowing mobile devices to be used to make transactions. The PayPass system itself can be used for more than mobile payments, however. Using the SDK, developers can create digital wallet and mobile banking applications that also make use of NFC technology.

Apple’s exclusion of NFC casts doubt on the technology

Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5. For months, the latest iteration of Apple’s popular brand of smart phones has been shrouded in rumors concerning its use of NFC technology. When the iPhone 5 was revealed, Apple noted that the device would not make use of NFC technology. This cast further doubt on NFC and caused some in the mobile industry to question whether the technology actually had a future. MasterCard believes that by making its PayPass system available to developers, the future of NFC technology could be actualized.

MasterCard, and others, still committed to NFC technology

MasterCard, along with its counterparts in the financial services industry, still has strong faith in NFC technology. The company had long ago chosen to approach the technology in a cautious manner in order to mitigate any losses it would see through the potential failure of NFC. Thus far, NFC technology has proven successful in the sectors it has been applied in, creating some confidence in the future of the technology in various industries.

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