MasterCard aims to bring more mobile commerce services to Japan

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Mobile commerce is showing strong results in Japan

Mobile commerce is making strong progress in Japan and much of this progress is being powered by MasterCard. The prominent credit company has taken a keen interest in mobile commerce in recent years, noting that the concept of mobile payments has become much more than a passing fancy among consumers. Today, more consumers are demanding comprehensive mobile commerce platforms and much of this demand can be found in Japan. MasterCard is eager to meet the demands of consumers by providing them with what they want.

MasterCard to deploy 410,000 NFC terminals in Japan

MasterCard has announced that it will deploy a total of 410,000 NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminals throughout Japan over the next three years. These terminals will accept MasterCard PayPass transactions, allowing consumers to make mobile payments from their smartphones or tablets. In February of this year, MasterCard reported that it had seen significant growth in the contactless payments sector, which has spurred the company to pay more serious attention to mobile commerce in general.

Mobile commerce credit cardsMobile commerce remains relatively exclusive to those with NFC-enabled devices

MasterCard expects that the new point-of-sale terminals will make it easier for consumers to participate in mobile commerce. The fact that these systems are based on NFC technology may be problematic, however, due to the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. These devices are needed if consumers want to use these MasterCard terminals to make purchases. Device makers are producing NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets at a higher frequency to account for consumer demand, but these devices are still relatively rare, making mobile commerce somewhat exclusive.

Japan likely to continue seeing growth in mobile commerce

Japan is home to a thriving mobile sector. The country has long been a dominating force in the realm of technological innovation and consumers throughout the country have taken a strong interest in mobile commerce. As more of these consumers gain access to smartphones and tablets, mobile commerce is expected to continue seeing strong growth in Japan.

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