Marvel releases first issue of its augmented reality comic series

Marvel Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and comics make the perfect match.


Acclaimed comic and entertainment giant Marvel has released the first issue of its new augmented reality line of comics. The line, called “ReEvolution,” is meant to appeal to tech-savvy comic fans that have been growing interested in augmented reality technology. Avengers Vs. X-Men Infinite #1 is the first comic in the series and is one of the first comics in the world to have AR components. The comic can be brought to life through the use of the Marvel App, which is currently only available for iOS mobile devices. Aurasma, an augmented reality development company, help create the digital content that can be found in the comic’s pages.

As with other sectors of the print industry, comics have been struggling to keep up with new technology. Consumers have become more interested in mobile devices than they are in printed products. The print industry has tried desperately to catch the attention of a new generation of consumers, but has been met with marginal success. Some consumers have latched on to the claim that “print is dead,” but Marvel believes that print just needs a shot in the arm to get back in the fight.

Using technologies like augmented reality, publishers of magazines, newspapers, and comics have been able to gain a foothold with consumers. Augmented reality allows consumers to experience print in a new way and provides for dynamic engagement. Consumers have shown extreme interest in being able to interact with the products they purchase, and Marvel believes that the demand of interactivity is growing at a rapid pace. The company is certain that augmented reality will play a large role in revitalizing people’s interest in comics.

Marvel will continue releasing augmented reality comics through its ReEvolution imprint and may choose to expand its use of the technology depending on the response from consumers. Marvel is currently the only major comic book company that is using the technology in this way. Competitors DC and Darkhorse have expressed interest in using the technology but have yet to do so due to concerns over how popular augmented reality comics would be amongst consumers.

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