ManifestAR to showcase augmented reality art

augmented reality Manifest.AR

augmented reality Manifest.AR

ManifestAR participates in 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event is currently underway in San Francisco, California, which has turned the entire city into a public art exhibition that cannot be seen with the naked eye. ZERO1 is a non-profit art organization that aims to combine artistic vision with technology and show off the result during its biennial event. This year, ZERO1 has tapped ManifestAR to show off how augmented reality can be used to produce works of art. The organization’s work can be seen throughout the city using a mobile device.

Combining art with technology

ManifestAR is an international artist coalition that works with various forms of augmented reality technology. Through the use of the technology, those part of the coalition create public art that can only be seen through the use of a smart phone or similar mobile device. Typically, ManifestAR uses markers, such as QR codes, to denote where these high-tech exhibitions can be experienced. Through its work with augmented reality, ManifestAR aims to present a new perspective on public space and how it can be used as a medium of presentation.

Augmented reality gains traction with consumers with smart phones

Though augmented reality technology is somewhat old, dating back to the days when 3D technology was first developed, it has only recently become popular with consumers. This is largely due to the lack of mobile technology that was capable of hosting augmented reality. As mobile devices become more advanced, the demands of augmented reality are becoming marginal, thus making it possible for a wider audience to experience the technology. Thus, groups like ManifestAR and ZERO1 have discovered the ability to show off the capabilities of augmented reality beyond the fields of marketing and entertainment.

Augmented reality art brings new experiences to consumers

The ZERO1 Biennial even will run through December 8, 2012, and will showcase a wide range of digital artwork, which can be seen throughout San Francisco. This is not the first augmented reality art event that ManifestAR has been a part of. Augmented reality is becoming increasingly common in the art world because of its aptitude to create innovative experiences that are not often experienced by the average consumer.

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