Mall of America announces Black Friday QR code Snap and Win campaign

Mall of America has announced the details of its Snap and Win campaign that will be taking place on Black Friday and that will involve the use of QR codes, which shoppers can scan in the hopes of winning prizes from the various retailers within the mall.

The prizes will go out to the first 300 people who scan the code. The purpose of the campaign is to help to boost the awareness of the QR codes among the consumers who use to mall, and to help to drive traffic in through the mall’s doors.

Mall of America digital brand manager, Lisa Grimm, said that the reason that the QR codes are being used is to build context behind them so that “users want to use them to snap in the future as well as to drive in-store traffic at the mall.”

On Black Friday, one hundred of the barcodes will be placed in the mall’s rotunda on the Mall of America logo.

As consumers enter the mall, the first ones will receive wristbands and will then be placed into one of three different groups. Each of these groups will then be permitted to stand around the Mall of America logo equipped with the QR codes, so that the participants can snap the barcodes, automatically bringing the device users to a mobile optimized webpage that will allow them to claim their prize.

Prizes range in value from $25 to $1,000 and include various types of item such as shopping sprees and gift cards. There are 120 stores participating in the prize giveaway event, among the 500 retailers in the mall. Outside sponsors are also taking part.

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