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Mobile web browsing is overtaking traditional screens at a break- neck pace. As more and more people purchase smart phones and tablets, the number of mobile web users will continue to grow, affecting the way people search for products and services.

While mobile web use is undeniably a growing trend, the majority of people still use traditional screens at least part of the time. This increasing usage of multiple devices (sometimes running simultaneously) means that your business must work to reach a wide audience on many different screens. When developing a website, the pressure to create a site than can be viewed with equal ease on a tiny smartphone screen or a large desktop can be daunting, but if you are aware of your options then you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your goals.

Adjust Your Current Site To Increase Mobile Usability

No business can afford to ignore the fact that there are currently more than one billion mobile devices in use. If you are not willing or able to invest in designing a new site, you have the option of adapting your existing site to suit your needs.

  • Simplify the design of your site:Take a look at your website on a smartphone (or view it with the Google GoMoMeter) to assess whether some simple design changes will make your website mobile friendly. Some changes that will make a site more mobile friendly includelarge font sizes and simpler page designs, with only critical information at the top of your page. Although you want your site to have enough information to remain interesting to readers, with smartphones and tablets you need to ensure that your site is simple and rapidly loadable.
  • Create a mobile version of your site. For a more in depth alternative to simplifying your website, you can create a parallel version for mobile devices.This method can be very effective and is relatively easy if you use a mobile-site-design service, such as MobiManage. But if you do not have the money to spend on properly creating a mobile site or app, there may be drawbacks to this plan.
    •  If your mobile site has a second URL, such as one with an m dot subdomain, search engines may not find your new site. Since both Google and Bingpromote a one-URL approach for browsing ease and search engine optimization, you will need to consult with a skilled mobile site developer to help you avoid this potential decrease in rankings.
    • Although creating a second website is work, this option is not a bad idea if you cannot afford or do not wish to dismantle your current website.How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly - QR Code Press

Rebuild Your Site For Use On Mobile Devices

If you would rather develop a website that displays well on a variety of screens and devices, then you will have to work on developing a totally new layout for your website.

  • Adaptive design: Adaptive design is a good choice if you have a high- traffic website that you need to run smoothly on all kinds of devices. This layout is most often used by big companies that rely heavily on internet traffic for success. Adaptive styles have definite layouts for different screen sizes. Within each layout, resizing the window does not change the layout.
  • Responsive design: Responsive design is a more flexible solution that uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology. Responsive design allows you to create a single version of a website and then auto-adjusts that layout to properly display on all devices. With the exception of the oldest cellphones, this web design will look attractive on any screen and will save you the time of having to develop a format for a variety of screens.

Choose The Appropriate Layout For Form Websites

  • Even if you do not have your own website but instead use a form such as WordPress or blogger, you should still try to choose a design that will work on mobile devices. Look for a design that says “responsive” to ensure your layout is suitable for all screens.
  • Once you have a design that works for you, remember to develop your content so you have a site worth visiting. Since most people use mobile devices to get information quickly, make doubly certain that all the information on your site is informational and easy to read.

Make Mobile Web Design A Priority, And The Rewards Will Come

If you are planning to make investments into your business, optimizing for mobile devices should fall near the top of your list. A website redesign could open a new world of advertising and enable you to reach clients more effectively than has ever been possible before.

Making proper decisions for reaching a mobile audience can seem daunting. However, with a few well-informed decisions and possibly the services of a professional mobile service developer, you can create a great experience for your clients.

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