M-commerce services at Davids will be powered by Payair

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This new mobile campaign will include QR codes on ads and billboards.

Davids, a Swedish electric device retailer, has just granted a contract to the mobile payments service called Payair in order to help the company to upgrade its mobile commerce experience for consumers.

The two businesses will work together to offer an enhanced shopping experience over smartphones.

This new agreement will give Davids the opportunity for integration of the mobile commerce service from Payair, in order to allow consumers a far broader m-commerce shopping experience from the comfort of their favorite mobile devices. It will not only build on the actual purchasing itself, but also the advertising from the company and the various ways that consumers can obtain information.

Several different m-commerce techniques will be applied so that the greatest access will be available.

For instance, consumers won’t need to head to a physical location or even type in a URL in order to make an m-commerce purchase from the retailer. Though those are still options, they will also be able to step up to physical advertisements, such as print ads or billboards, where QR codes are displayed next to each product. By scanning those barcodes, the consumer is redirected to a site where more information abm-commerce QR code mobile phoneout that product can be obtained, and a purchase can be made.

Moreover, this new deal will also allow consumers to download the Payair app in order to be able to take advantage of its mobile payments benefits the next time that they shop for products at Davids. The application allows them to link a credit or debit card account to the app the first time that they use it to make a purchase. Then, the information is saved in the app and only a PIN needs to be entered to complete the transaction.

This way, purchases can be made over m-commerce from Davids or they can also be completed using a smartphone at the checkout counter in one of the retailer’s physical locations. The hope is that this will provide mobile device using consumers with a number of additional options that they will find appealing and convenient for shopping.

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