M-commerce has generated massive in-store retailer debate

m-commerce in store shopping

m-commerce in store shoppingShops are building a love/hate relationship with mobile device carrying consumers.

The results from a recent ForeSee m-commerce study have helped to cast some light on the struggle that brick and mortar retailers have been facing, and has shown that while it may look like a curse at first glance, it could actually be a blessing in disguise.

This recent customer satisfaction index that was conducted over the holiday season offered vital insight.

This recent m-commerce knowledge could be used by retailers to gain a far clearer understanding of how to apply the successful methods used by the leaders in customer satisfaction over smartphones and tablets. This is because one of the main points that was made by the report is that consumers aren’t looking for one channel or another. When they shop, they are simply shopping, they aren’t specifically trying to choose whether they should use their smartphone, PC, or car to find the product that they want.

The most successful m-commerce strategies were those that seamlessly integrated with other channels.

The report showed that consumers aren’t necessarily using mobile retail because they feel that the experience is superior to shopping within a store. It pointed out that shoppers are using various channels in conjunction with one another in order to make their shopping decisions. They aren’t mobile-shopping. They’re just shopping.

For this reason, retailers may be able to look to “showrooming” behaviors as an opportunity instead of a threat to their sales. This is the behavior where consumers head into a store to view a product in person, and then use their devices to check out m-commerce sites and apps to find out if it is available for a better price online.

Instead of trying to halt this type of behavior or separate themselves from the use of mobile, the most successful retailers in the study embraced showrooming. They encouraged consumers to use their devices and then implemented opportunities that would ensure that shoppers would continue to feel that the best opportunity to purchase was right there in front of them. This helps to explain the increase in m-commerce compatible techniques such as price matching.

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