M-commerce apps are frustrating shoppers

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A recent study has shown that most consumers have required help in using an app but very few use the device to get it.

A recent study conducted by Contact Solutions has revealed that the majority of shoppers in the United States have required assistance when using an m-commerce app, but only a small fraction of them actually used that device in order to obtain the help that they needed.

A massive 81 percent of shoppers have found themselves unable to use a mobile commerce application without help.

Among those who did need help using an m-commerce app, only 12 percent used their smartphone in order to receive that added assistance. Contact Solutions, a specialist in customer care software, explained in its report on the survey that consumers are seeking solid customer service and convenience and are not adverse to abandoning mobile apps and brands if they fail to meet those expectations.

This m-commerce survey involved the participation of over 1,800 adults from the United States.

m-commerce shopping coffeeAmong the top reasons that shoppers said that they did not obtain the support and assistance that they required with the mobile app by using the device, itself, was that they simply couldn’t find it there. The advice of the report from Contact Solutions was for companies to have a look at this problem and to anticipate the type of assistance that consumers might require throughout their use of the mobile app.

Contact Solutions director of marketing, John Hibel, explained that consumers need to be able to find the help that they need in an effortless way when they are using a mobile app. He stated that “They’re going to have questions about your products. They’re going to have questions about payments. They’re going to have questions about shipping or in-store pickup. They’re going to have questions about their accounts.”

Nearly half of all of the participants in the survey expressed that they don’t like it when they are required to leave an m-commerce app in order to be able to obtain the assistance that they need. Therefore, if they are required to actually do so, one quarter of all shoppers will simply abandon their purchases and the brand itself, and will typically either give up or will go elsewhere for what they want.

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