M-commerce app released by IKEA

ikea augmented reality m-commerce app

ikea m-commerce appThe original application had previously been released in 2009, but a whole new updated version is now available.

IKEA has just announced that it has replaced its old m-commerce app for iOS, which has been available since 2009, with a greatly updated version that includes a catalog with approximately 1,000 featured items.

This means that the app represents one in every ten of the total products that are available in store.

Furthermore, the new m-commerce app release includes not only an option for iPhones and iPads, but also for Android devices. The main catalog application features a number of brochures from the top selling ranges at the furniture store, such as those for kitchens and for wardrobes.

Beyond the app, the IKEA has also opened an m-commerce websites version of the store itself.

There have now been a number of reviews of the 2013 catalog app using various different types of devices for which it is compatible. Overall, it seems to have scored relatively well, though it has yet to compete with the ratings that have been achieved by some of the leading m-commerce apps that have been produced by other large stores.

As a whole, users of the new m-commerce app are relatively underwhelmed as a first impression, feeling that it has a relatively nice look, but that there is still a great deal of room for improvement. It functioned well, particularly in download speeds of various brochures. It was also said to be colorful and welcoming. The mobile site, on the other hand, was seen as easier to use with a sleek and uncluttered experience.

The search and navigation features didn’t seem to generate an overwhelmingly positive response. There were many options available for searching, but they weren’t quite as quick and accurate as some had hoped, with many steps required.

Some frustrations were pointed out with the checkout and payment process of the m-commerce application. It is somewhat deceptive to use, appearing that the only option is to pay in store unless “more information” is actually selected in order to discover other payment opportunities. As a whole, the IKEA app is seen as an improvement over the old one, but there is still a way to go before it has “arrived”.

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