Lottery ticket QR codes to be added to boost smartphone sales

lottery ticket qr code app

All National Lottery tickets from the United Kingdom will soon have quick response codes printed on them.

As Camelot aims to boost the momentum of its online sales, lottery ticket QR codes are being printed on all pink versions of these products in order to make it possible for players to be able to check to see whether or not they’ve won, simply by using their smartphones.

The goal is to be able to boost the number of lotto ticket sales that will be occurring over the internet.

The intention is to make sure lottery ticket QR codes will be printed on all the draw based games that are sold by the charity. What this means is that players for the Lotto as well as Lotto Hotpicks, Thunderball and EuroMillions will all be able to use a quick response code scanner on their smartphones in order to see if they’re a winner. QR code scanner apps are readily available for smartphones and need only a camera feature in order to function.

The reason lottery ticket QR codes are expected to be handy is that it reduces the time needed to check the numbers.

lottery ticket qr codes Tim Copper, the digital director for Camelot, explained that “It’s getting harder for many of our retail customers to find out if they’ve won because we’ve got so many draws and some people have five or six lines on one ticket.” The QR code scans may seem as though they are a bit gimmicky at the start, but Copper stated that this is not at all a type of publicity stunt. Instead, it is a response to popular demand for a practical tool of this nature.

“Customers have been asking for this,” said Copper, adding that “It’s not something we suddenly thought of. They’ve been asking for an easier way to check their tickets.”

Camelot will be adding some mobile marketing to support the rollout of the QR codes, as the charity works to boost its mobile app popularity. It is attempting to make it very easy to use the mobile application, particularly when it comes to making an impulse purchase. Among some of the versions of the Android app that are currently being developed are some that would make it possible for people to pay to play directly through the mobile app, despite the fact that Google guidelines stopped it from offering that precise feature in a previous application version.

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