L’Oréal enters into wearable technology with UV exposure monitor

wearable technology man outside sun tablets

The “My UV Patch” is meant to help people to take better care of their skin in terms of sun exposure.

L’Oréal has now unveiled its first step into wearable technology, which is in the form of a UV exposure monitor that is meant to be worn on the skin to provide the wearer with an idea of how much sunlight he or she is experiencing at any given time.

The monitor is designed to look and feel just like a regular sticker, that will comfortably stay in place.

This stretchable electronic wearable technology device is meant to move along with the skin so that it won’t cause the user to experience any discomfort while monitoring the amount of UV he or she is exposed to at any given time. Though the My UV Patch has been unveiled and has been shown to certain people in the media, among others, it has not yet been released to the public. That said, the company has said that when it does release the patch, it will be doing so for free.

The wearable technology device is meant to help to provide people with a better understanding of UV exposure.

According to Guive Balooch, L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator global vice president, the point to giving out these wearables for free is to help consumers to be able to educate themselves. When they are given the right tools in order to understand their skincare needs, they are better prepared to make the right decisions in terms of the products they choose to buy.

For instance, when a consumer wears the wearable tech patch and discovers that he or she is exposed to far more UV light than he or she had realized, then that person can make a better decision with regards to the sun protection that will be used and applied.

For that reason, Balooch explained that it makes more sense for the company to provide the wearable technology device for free, instead of trying to sell it. The reason is that it works as an effective tool to make sure L’Oréal’s customers will be satisfied and best served by the products they purchase because they will be able to tell which ones are right for them.

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