LG G Watch R smartwatch will become available on Tuesday

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This new wearable technology will be based on Android Wear and will hit South Korean shelves, first.

The next major smartwatch that will be hitting the market shelves is slated to be the LG G Watch R, which will be available to shoppers in South Korea as of October 14, and will make it into other marketplaces on later dates that have not yet been announced.

While the specific dates for global rollouts of these wearable technology devices haven’t been identified, it will be soon.

The actual date on which the rollout of the smartwatch will occur in other markets has not been identified, but what is known is that it is expected before the end of the month. This wearable technology from LG is expected to be the most expensive among all of its rivals based on Android Wear. Its price will be higher than the previous generation from that brand, the G Watch, which was initially unveiled at $229. Similarly, the Samsung Gear Live was first unveiled at $199, and the Moto 360 from Motorola had a launch price of $249.99.

The next smartwatch from LG is expected to come with a price tag of $299 in the United States.

watch wear smartwatch wearable technologyThis will make the LG G Watch R notably more expensive than its competition, though still considerably less expensive than the Apple Watch will be when it is released early next year. This will be a round dial styled wearables device. It will likely stay exclusively in South Korea for one solid week, beginning on Wednesday.

The LG G Watch R has a 1.3 inch, round display in plastic OLED (also known as P-OLED). This is not the first time that the technology has been used, as it was previously released in the G Flex smartphone from the brand. The display has a resolution of 360×360 and uses the complete watch face, which is unlike the Moto 360, which is also round.

These new Android Wear based wearables will be powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor that has been combined with 512 MB of RAM. Its inbuilt storage is 4GB, which matches that of the Gear S. The smartwatch battery is 410 mAh.

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