LevelUp goes coast-to-coast for loyalty and mobile payments

Mobile Shopping

Mobile Shopping
LevelUp has announced that it will be providing service to twice as many cities, making it available to customers across the country, in addition to the release of a new Android and iPhone app.

LevelUp is a mobile solution that combines loyalty and rewards programs with payments solutions in a single seamless system for use by consumers and merchants. This means that users will be able to purchase products and services with their mobile devices, while collecting rewards and loyalty benefits through merchant programs.

The LevelUp system debuted in March 2011, with the goal of solving the void in repeat customers and loyalty in the daily deals marketplace. The initial version of the solution was designed to open up progressive deals to assist in the growth of repeat traffic. This pilot program was available to the markets in Philadelphia and Boston, with positive results, though not quite as great as had been hoped.

That said, what the pilot version did achieve was highly useful intelligence which allowed for the further development of the system. The insight provided allowed for the recognition of the importance of creating and maintaining loyalty within a mobile and social environment. The next LevelUp version is now designed to cater specifically to the data that was provided by the previous generation. Its testing mode in Philadelphia and Boston lasted eight weeks and was explosively successful.

LevelUp’s chief ninja, Seth Priebatsch, explained that the main value proposition that had been lacking for merchants in the deals-rewards sector was “the tools and insight to know whether or not their marketing efforts are actually creating new, loyal customers.” LevelUp combines the transaction with loyalty so that the merchant is able to reward both new and repeat customers.

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