Layar Vision takes AR browsing to the next level by allowing users to transform their environments

Layar AR Browser

Layar AR Browser
Layar, one of the largest augmented reality browsing platforms in the world, has released a new application that will expand the use of augmented reality. AR has been steadily gaining popularity for its ability to create dynamic experience for mobile users. The technology has, thus far, been used primarily for marketing, but Layar has opened up a new venue for the technology in the form of AR browsing. The new product, called Layar Vision, will expand upon the foundation laid by the original Layar platform.

The original Layar platform can overlay digital images on the real world through a smart phone. Generally, these images are laden with some amount of useful information, such as directions to the nearest shop or current weather conditions. Layar Vision will bring a more entaining aspect to AR browsing by allowing users to superimpose any image they want onto the physical world.

The platform uses a complex system of location-based technologies and can register up to 50 objects in the real world simultaneously. Users will be able to “augment” the environment with pictures and short movies. After they have finished building their virtual experience, the images are sent to Layar’s servers and stamped with a virtual “fingerprint.” Any time another Layar user scans that location, Layar will produce the user-made images.

To mark the launch of Layar Vision, Layar is hosting the Layar Creation Challenge. Users can register to win $55,000 in cash prizes as well as other rewards.

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