Layar unveils augmented reality services for publishers

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Layar to shift focus away from mobile applications

Layar, a leading developer of augmented reality software, is often considered a front-runner in the market of mobile augmented reality applications. The company first gained acclaim shortly after being founded in 2009 with its Layar augmented reality browser. The browser allows consumers to interact with their surroundings in a new way by presenting them with a wealth of digital content. In the following years, the company has released a number of new mobile applications, many of which have proven popular. Layar has announced that it will be shifting focus, however, in an attempt to further establish itself as a leader in augmented reality.

Layar introduced web-based application titled Creator

Layar has announced the launch of a new web-based application called Creator. The application is designed to be used by print publishers and will allow them to bring static content to life through the use of augmented reality. Using the Creator, Layar claims that publishers can implement augmented reality experiences into their products quickly and easily, similar to how many companies use QR codes to distribute content. The augmented reality experiences will not be associated with QR codes, however.

Creator to allow publishers to embed augmented reality experiences in their products

Layar notes that it will continue to develop its existing line of augmented reality applications but its primary focus will be on providing new services to the publishing industry. Publishers will be able to make use of the Layar Creator for free until August 1, but will be required to pay for each printed page that contains and augmented reality experience. After the trial period is over, publishers will be required to pay for Creator services.

Augmented reality gaining traction in the print industry

Augmented reality has become a popular technology in various industries. The entertainment value of the technology has managed to garner the most attention, especially in the print industry where technology is needed to compete with other media. Layar believes that augmented reality can revitalize the print industry by giving publishers the ability o engage consumers with interactive technology.

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