Layar launches new app to help augmented reality become more consumer friendly

Augmented reality can be incredibly complex. So much so, that mobile applications using the technology can be fairly daunting to consumers. Layar, an AR developer based in Amsterdam, is looking to get consumers more comfortable with the technology and has launched a new app that will do just that. The new app, called Stiktu, allows consumers to get hands on experience with augmented reality content and share this content with their friends on any social network.

Layar’s initial app, which shares the name of the company, continues to be wildly famous, garnering more than 10 million downloads to mobile devices. The app allows users to create their own AR content, but many consumers complained that it was too difficult to use. Layar developed Stiktu to make the creation process easier. Using the app, mobile consumers can make augmented reality content that can be placed over any real world environment. Other users of the app will be able to see the creations and add to them as well.

Augmented reality has become a very popular subject in the mobile world. Smart phones are becoming more advanced, allowing them to incorporate AR more easily. As consumers gain access to high quality AR products, they too are becoming enthralled with the technology. Layar hopes to further this by having consumers take part in the content creation process and believes that this experience will help expand the popularity of augmented reality.

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