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Layar blends augmented reality with QR codes

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Smartphone scanning QR codesLayar introduces update to augmented reality application

Layar is a leading name when it comes to augmented reality. The company’s Layar App is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world to engage in interactive digital content and Layar has helped many of the world’s largest companies integrate augmented reality into their marketing campaigns. This week, Layar introduced a new update to its popular mobile application, which equipped the app with the unexpected capability to scan QR codes.

Layar has no intention of killing QR codes

QR codes are commonly used in marketing, but many consumers have shown modest interest in the codes over the past two years. Many people are beginning to favor more advanced technologies, like augmented reality, in their marketing. Despite this, QR codes remain a powerful tool for advertisers, and one that has yet to show signs of fading away. Last year, Layar launched the Layar Creator, which allows anyone to incorporate augmented reality experiences into print products, such as newspapers and magazines. The Layar Creator was heralded as the end of the QR code, but Layar has no intention of putting the codes to rest for the foreseeable future.

App can now scan codes with an augmented reality twist

The updated Layar App can scan QR codes and process the data they contain very quickly. Once a code is scanned, the content it is linked to will be displayed as an augmented reality experience. Layar believes that QR codes hold vast potential in marketing and other sectors, especially when they are combined with augmented reality. With its updated mobile application, Layar claims that it is improving QR codes, making them more attractive to consumers and opening up new ways to deploy content throughout the mobile space.

Layar sees a growing interest in QR codes

The update may be unexpected from a consumer perspective, but it was a logical step for Layar. The company notes that it is seeing a growing number of people attempting to scan QR codes using the Layar App. Before the update, the application was unable to scan these codes, which disappointed some users. Now, however, the application can scan the codes and provide the content they link to with an augmented reality flare.

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