Largest Chinese manufacturer of mobile phones is headed to the US

Xiaomi logo mobile phones

That said, while Xiaomi smartphones may be cheap and affordable in China, there is a drawback in the U.S.

Xiaomi is easily one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, as the devices have become massively popular within the gigantic Chinese marketplace.

However, until now, these affordable and yet well-designed devices have been out of reach of Americans.

The claim to fame for Xiaomi, is that its mobile phones come with a great quality – often compared to iPhones from Apple – and yet they have managed to remain quite affordable, which has meant that they have tremendous appeal in the largest mobile device market in the world. Until now, Xiaomi has not been selling its smartphones within the U.S. market. That said, US Mobile, a third-tier carrier that uses the network belonging to T-Mobile, has started selling three different smartphones from the Chinese brand.

Still, it’s predicted that Americans won’t be enjoying the same experience with Xiaomi mobile phones.

Xiaomi logo mobile phonesThe issue is that the Xiaomi smartphone models – Mi 4i, Mi 3 and Redmi 2 – are all appealing and affordable, and they are being sold as English language versions of the models that have become highly popular in China, but they’re still not offering the same experience to Americans as they are to people in China. Of the three models, the Mi 4i is the most expensive, but it is only $219 off-contract.

That said, all US Mobile is doing is providing a way for another company – Omni Electronics HK – to be able to import the devices and sell them in the United States. That company is not linked with US Mobile. This, according to the founder and CEO of US Mobile, Ahmed Khattak, who explained that his company is merely acting as a storefront for Omni Electronics.

The devices being sold in the American mobile phones market are all unlocked, which means that a consumer can take the device to any carrier they want. The smartphones will remain under warranty through US Mobile. However, while this all sounds well and good, there is a catch. American 4G and Chinese 4G bands are different and these devices use the version from China. Therefore, users in the U.S. will have to accept being stuck with 3G speeds if they try to get a deal by buying Xiaomi mobile devices.

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