LA Times launches augmented reality application

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Augmented reality application could engage consumers on a new level

The Los Angeles Times has launched a new augmented reality application, joining other news publications in the country in the adoption of interactive technology. The augmented reality application, called iD Print, was launched on the opening day of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The application makes use of software developed by In8 Mobile, a developer of mobile applications with a penchant for augmented reality. The LA Times is the latest in a growing list of news publications that have turned to technology to compete for the affections of consumers.

Application launched in conjunction with Olympic Games

The augmented reality application aims to provide consumers with access to digital content embedded in photos found in the LA Times. Some of these photos will be associated with the Olympic Games. Through the application, consumers will be able to find information concerning the state of the Olympics as well as the teams and athletes competing therein. The news publication believes that augmented reality can help it appeal more to tech-savvy consumers who have begun to turn to digital-only sources for their news coverage.

Technology may provide print with the edge it needs to compete with digital mediums

The advent of technology has made a significant impact on the news industry. Print news has suffered in the rise of technology, but may be able to thrive through its use as well. News publications have begun turning to technology in order to provide consumers with a more minimal experience. Interactive technologies, such as augmented reality, have been met with the most success thus far. Aurasma, a developer of augmented reality technology, has become one of the more popular providers of augmented reality-based services for the news industry recently.

Augmented reality application may not be the LA Times’ last foray into interactive technology

Whether the LA Times will continue its use of augmented reality in the future is currently unknown. What is known is that the news publication is keen on providing consumers with a more engaging experience. This can be accomplished through other forms of technology that are designed to connect with consumers.

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