Kabam to focus more heavily on its popular mobile games

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Kabam sells off first generation mobile games and publishing business to Gaea Mobile

Prominent game developer Kabam has sold off its classic mobile games and third-party publishing business to China’s Gaea Mobile in an effort to focus on its largest and most successful games. Kabam has established a strong position in the mobile games space and many of its games have managed to find a great deal of success among consumers. The company’s expansive focus, however, has limited the support that its more successful titles are receiving.

Refined focus may secure the success of Kabam’s largest games

The developer has plans to focus much more heavily on its high-profit titles, like Marvel Contest of Champions. The game is beginning to grow exponentially and Kabam has plans to publish the title in China in the near future. In order to ensure the success of its larger titles, Kabam intends to limit its focus, attention, and resources. This comes with some risks, of course, but the company is confident that the future is bright in the mobile games space, especially when it comes to games with a heavy social element.

Gaea Mobile to take full control of acquired mobile games and publishing business later this year

mobile gamesGaea Mobile will be taking control of Kabam’s first generation mobile games and publishing businesses. This will allow Kabam to focus on the titles that are most successful. The company’s three largest games each generate more than $100 million in revenue, giving Kabam a strong foothold in the overall game industry. By the middle of the year, Gaea Mobile is expected to have full control over the games and business operations that have been sold off by Kabam.

Mobile games continue to see an increase in popularity among consumers

The mobile games market is growing quickly, with many prominent developers beginning to focus more heavily on mobile platforms. Games with social features, such as the ability to share accomplishments with friends vie Facebook or Twitter, have proven to be quite popular among consumers. These games provide a more engaging experience, as they allow players to connect with one another in a dynamic fashion.

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