Junaio augmented reality browser receives a major update

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Metaio aims to simplify Junaio app

Augmented reality developer Metaio has announced an overhaul for its Junaio augmented reality browser application. Junaio has become a very popular application for those interested in augmented reality. The app is capable of bringing to life a wide array of digital experiences that are hidden in the real world. It can also be used for practical purposes, such as finding directions to local stores and similar information. As augmented reality becomes more popular, Metaio believes that the time has come to make its Junaio application more streamlined.

Update streamlines the user interface and augmented reality features

The developer has released an update for its augmented reality browser that will make significant changes to its user interface. Metaio has made an effort to simplify the browser’s interface and make it easier for users to find the content they want to see. Previous versions of the Junaio applications categorized content into “channels.” These channels could be browsed to find content that was relevant to a user’s interests. Citing feedback from consumers, Metaio believes that a simpler version of this channel system would be a better fit for the demographic making use of the augmented reality browser.

App able to find content in real-time and scan QR codes

Junaio 4.0 will do more than allow users to browse for augmented reality content through channels. It will enable users to find this content in real-time through the use of a mobile device’s camera. It will also be able to scan QR codes. These codes have often been linked to augmented reality content developed by advertisers for the sake of marketing, but have also become an effect means of information distribution.

Metaio to continue supporting augmented reality browser

The Junaio augmented reality browser is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Metaio has plans to continue developing and updating the augmented reality browser and already has future improvements in mind for the application.

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