Jennings Social Media Marketing launches new QR code and SMS service

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Jennings Social Media Marketing has announced the launch of a new service that will help clients engage mobile consumers through the use of QR codes and SMS messaging. The number of people with smart phones is growing quickly, making it more important for companies to adopt mobile marketing strategies. Jennings, along with other marketing agencies, believes that QR codes are one of the best ways to engage mobile consumers and the new service will give clients hands-on experience with the mobile barcodes.

For companies interested in adopting QR codes, Jennings offers consulting services regarding the trends dominating the mobile marketing industry. QR codes are coming to dominate the world of marketing, but for consumers, the barcodes are still quite unfamiliar. In order to get consumers interested in the codes, Jennings believes that a simple approach is the best. Embedding the codes with discounts or some kind of deal often works best, as smart phone users are more apt to scan the codes if they know the can get something out of it.

Jennings specializes in social media marketing, a sector where QR codes have been somewhat scarce. Given that social media sites have become a popular marketing outlet, the codes could perform well on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Smart phone users are often connected to these sites throughout most of the day, which means there is more opportunity to engage these consumers with the codes.

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