JAGTAG’s new groundbreaking QR code analytics promises targeted campaign tactics

JAGTAG Website

JAGTAG Website

The mobile marketing industry is booming. More companies, both big and small, are entering the field, looking to use any advantage they can find to gain a technologic-edge over their competitors. As the advance of smart phones continues to fuel the fire, marketing firms specializing in QR codes, the champions of the mobile marketing industry, are constantly vying for dominance. A clear leader may soon be established as JAGTAG announces their first patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

JAGTAG is a leading multimedia marketing platform that specializes in campaigns using QR codes. To date, the company has participated in 100 campaigns for companies like Guinness and Verizon. The company is expecting their patent to be authorized within the next sixty days, allowing them to take utilize new marketing techniques.

The patent gives JAGTAG the ability to customize content offered through their codes based on a wide array of consumer information, collaboratively based on the performance of said codes. The company will be able to form their marketing strategies from a wealth of ambient conditions that will help them intelligently target smart phone users with content that appeals to them directly. This puts JAGTAG at an advantage, as no other company has the ability to so accurately design their campaigns.

There are security concerns, however, raised primarily by the abundant access to information the company is being awarded with. Some believe that JAGTAG does not have the abilility to adequately secure the breadth of information they will be privy to. Company officials insist that they will not have access to, nor store any, vital details, such as credit card numbers or addresses.

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