J.C. Penney brings some personalization to the holiday season with the help of QR codes

QR Code

QR Code
Holiday season is fast approaching and J.C. Penney is looking to help shoppers give a special message to their loved ones using QR codes. The retailer is preparing to launch a new campaign that will allow shoppers to record a special message for their loved ones. These messaged will be attached to QR codes that will themselves be part of gift tags. While QR codes continue to see a great deal of use in the realm of marketing, more retailers are beginning to see the value of the codes as they are used to engage consumers on a more personal level.

When scanned with a smart phone, the codes replay a personal voice message. The message can be anything the gift giver desires, but cannot exceed more than 30 seconds. J.C. Penney is the first retailer to use QR codes in this way, which may encourage competitors to step up their customer service efforts when it comes to mobile technology. Each code is unique and comes in the form of a sticker, which can be placed on just about any surface.

QR codes are most often used in marketing campaigns aimed at tech-savvy consumers. Recently, retailers have been seeing the value of the codes beyond their uses in marketing. The codes are quickly becoming one of the best ways to engage consumers on a different level, which can help with customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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