iWineMaker iPhone app is launched to assist home and professional wine makers

Mobile Commerce Wine

Mobile Commerce Wine

iWineMaker, a new iPhone app, is now available at the iTunes Store to provide home and professional winemakers of conventional and organic wines with additional assistance with their calculations.

This application provides these winemakers with a powerful mobile tool that will help them to quickly and easily perform their additions for alcohol, sulfur dioxide, acid, copper, fining agents, yeast and nutrients. It also helps with the sugar conversions and the adjustment of the Brix of grape must and juice.

The iWineMaker application functions with the fact that making wine is a combination of art, tradition, and science. That said, though this art form does have a science component, this is typically a supporting element and not the entire process. Many winemakers – especially those who use more natural and traditional techniques, such as for biodynamic wine and organic wines – understand that they must also use their instincts as artists in combination with their scientific knowledge.

They do use the tools of science to help them to create a fine wine, but they must use it to perfect a wine that they’ve already created on a strong foundation, instead of trying to repair a mediocre wine. In this sense, the iWineMaker app can be helpful, but not to create a fine wine. Instead, it is for the perfection of a wine that has already been made very well through the knowledge built from experience and artistry, and techniques that have been time tested to work well.

The application was created by VinoEnology.com, which is an online winemaking website and B2B marketplace with a number of different tools and resources for the winemaker.

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