It’s not too soon to think about…M-commerce pros teach top practices for the holidays



M-commerce is slowly making its way into North America after having made huge ground in other parts of the world, and businesses are starting to take notice and are seeking the best practices that they can use in preparation for the holiday season.

Mobile marketing and commerce show a great deal of promise with regards to establishing and growing relationships between a consumer and a brand; particularly during the most important shopping season of the year.

This has meant that companies are consulting experts and are educating themselves to be able to develop a mobile strategy. So far, there are some top practices that are being recommended by experts, and they include:

  • Have a mobile store that allows for web transactions. By this time next year, among all mobile phone subscribers in the country, half will have smartphones that are web-enabled. This presents a tremendous opportunity to businesses who will have established themselves on mobile sites for greater shopping convenience. By the time the holiday season begins, consumers will already have some expectations regarding the ability to shop using mobile devices.
  • Begin with a mobile website and then move on to an app. A mobile website should be the top priority in the strategy. Once that has been established, then a company can move on with their experience and knowledge to build apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Whether using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, holiday shoppers still prefer the web, so make sure you cater to their preferences.
  • Focus on user-friendliness. If your mobile marketing and commerce are confusing or complex as opposed to simple-to-use and clear, then your holiday specials won’t receive the attention that they deserve.

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