iTime prank by Jimmy Kimmel suggests consumers are loyal, regardless of features

Jimmy Kimmel iTime iWatch prank

The hugely popular talk show host used a Casio watch featuring the Apple logo to prove his theory.

As the rumors about the so called iTime – the smartwatch from Apple that had previously been nicknamed the iWatch – continue to grow like wildfire, Jimmy Kimmel decided to test a theory about what it would take for people to accept the device and be impressed by it.

To do this, he purchased a $20 Casio traditional wristwatch and placed the Apple logo on its underside.

The faked iTime device was then shown to people walking by who gave their opinion on what they thought of this “smartwatch”. The result was that there was quite a significant number of people on the streets of L.A. who seemed quite pleased with the device. They liked that it was lightweight, that it showed both the time and the date, and that it featured an alarm setting – just the same as any affordable digital watch has done for decades.

Many of the people were impressed with the iTime simply because it featured the Apple logo.

This doesn’t really set the bar very high. Then again, this wasn’t exactly a truly scientific experiment, either. What it did reveal was that there are a considerable number of people out there who are loyal to Apple to such a degree that the brand could place its logo on virtually anything and it would still receive their approval out of their respect and adoration for the brand, alone.


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Still, among all of the various rumors and speculations that have been made about the device, there is still nothing at all that is known for certain about what it will include or how it will look. Many of the assumptions have come from the discovery of patents that have become public information after the company filed for them a number of years ago. Even the most recent to be revealed dates back as far as 2011.

Apple has been tight lipped about the mere existence of the iTime product, let alone its detailed, as is its policy for all of its devices. Still, it should come as rather good news that even if they put out a traditional digital watch, as long as they don’t forget their own logo, they will still have some buyers.

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