Isis receives support from the top cell phone manufacturers

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Isis near field communication (NFC) and technology standards have received confirmation that they will be implemented by LG, HTC, RIM, Motorola Mobility, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, and DeviceFidelity (manufacturer of MicroSD devices).

Isis is a joint venture among T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, to offer consumers who use smartphones the opportunity to use their mobile devices to make payments using those handsets.

Moreover, Isis has announced that individuals who purchase smartphones (or who already own them) which have not been NFC enabled will soon be able to add NFC functionality themselves, as Isis has been working on mircroSD NFC with DeviceFidelity, the specialist in the industry.

Isis’s chief technology officer, Scott Mulloy, said that the technology standards from the company offers the direction and assurance required for the development and implementation of NFC devices and the mobile commerce environment. He added that “Working together with the device makers and our founding mobile carriers, Isis can provide the consumer choice and scale necessary for widespread adoption of mobile commerce.”

The manufacturers of the handsets have all made their own announcements regarding their support for Isis within the deal’s official statement. The only notable manufacturers that are lacking from the list are Apple and Nokia.

According to the chief product officer at HTC, Kouji Kodera, the announcement about the agreement between the manufacturers and Isis reflects the increasing acceptance of NFC technology among the top manufacturers of mobile devices in the industry.

The other manufacturers all released their own statements with similar messages and indications that they stand behind the mobile payment and NFC technology that has only just started and is coming in the near future.

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