Is the tech industry just for software developers?

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If you’ve ever looked at the tech industry with envy and wondered how to become a part of it, then you needn’t panic.

One huge benefit of tech opening up so many new jobs is that it has a broad appeal to a number of disciplines. Whether you’re creating QR codes or promoting them, you will still be under the same larger umbrella of ‘tech.’ So, if you want to migrate into this industry, and want to still apply your own set of skills, you can.

A broader church

It’s not just the nature of tech jobs that are changing either. Of course everyone has heard of Silicon Valley, but cheaper overheads in different cities and the widespread levels of skill has seen tech jobs migrate away from their traditional strongholds. For example, Atlanta Georgia has listed 72,388 jobs in four months. Now that you can find a tech job in just about any town, there’s no reason to move your entire family to find a new job. On top of this, the tech industry is full of gig economy job positions. These are not only flexible, but incredibly wide in terms of variety. As more and more companies move to the digital realm, the more manpower is needed to monitor and manage their digital side of the business. This could involve cyber security management, a digital marketing specialist or a website designer.

Combined degrees

Whichever background you come from, the tech industry has a use for it. Whether you’re a graphic designer who has learned how to code or a finance director who has knowledge and experience of the industry, you will find a job that works for you. You can even add to your tech experience with an alternative degree to boost your employability. For example, studying for a part-time MBA at Suffolk University Online could allow you the flexibly to add an extra set of qualifications that could see you climb through the ranks.

Break in through experience

Not only is the tech industry not just for software developers and those who know how to code (although those are certainly both useful skills to have), it can be entered by gaining experience. You might be surprised by just how straight-forward this might be. An easy way of gaining experience is to ask your boss to be put onto more tech-focused projects in your business. This will give you instant access, and will be seen as a way to develop your skills within the company.

Finding a mentor at work or within your circle of friends will also give you some access to the world of tech and give you a sense of what is required.

While software development is a huge part of the tech industry, you could still find yourself within this exciting sector without a knowledge of coding. As increasingly more companies migrate to online and a digital format, the more employees are required to provide their expertise.

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