IRCE offers iPhone apps basics in 2011 report

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition’s 2011 report demonstrated the increasing importance and benefit of marketing and sales via mobile device, and offered a crash course in the basics of apps for Android and iPhone smartphones.

This information was presented at the annual event by Brad Wolansky, the CEO of the Golf Warehouse retailer, which is already receiving approximately 3 percent of their sales through the use of mobile devices – almost all of which were iPads and iPhones.

In fact, through The Golf Warehouse m-commerce site, 84 percent of visits were users of those mobile devices and 94 percent of the revenue through this technology is by way of an Apple product. Therefore, Wolansky has recommended that mobile marketing and apps should “Just start with the iPhone, ignore the debate and get it done.”

Wolansky also provided a number of beginner’s tips for getting into iPhone and smartphone apps:

• Follow the regulations – as AppStore approval can be a complex process, make sure that the design of the app follows all of the guidelines to allow for the fastest possible approval.

• Keep things simple – Wolansky explained that you should always “Get rid of all the stuff that gets in the way of getting around easily.”

• Know the mobile device – before you decide to use it for marketing, get to know the iPhone or smartphone and find out how it is used and what consumers like about it.

• Understand the mobile platform – build apps that resemble the innate iPhone software functionality so that consumers won’t need any time to adapt to a new environment.

• Prioritize security – one of the largest issues against m-commerce is the hesitation of the consumer to feel secure with its use. Make security a top consideration and keep it up to date.

In order to accomplish all of these goals, Wolansky also recommended that an expert in mobile commerce be hired to assist in the design of the app.

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