iPhone 6 problems continue as devices bend easily

iphone 6 plus bend

Tight pockets and subjecting the Apple smartphone to force can distort the shape of the device.

The iPhone 6 has already sold out in many stores across the United States, showing that the Apple smartphone is exceptionally popular and desirable, but some of those who have managed to get their hands on the device are discovering that there is a downside that is taking away from the joy of ownership.

Millions of these mobile devices have already sold since their release earlier this month.

While the iPhone 6 remains a device that is selling at record speeds, but owners may not be as satisfied with their purchases as they had hoped. A growing number of photos and videos are appearing online that have documented the bending of these devices when they are left in a tight pocket or when they are subject to a certain degree of pressure.

Tests of the bendability of the iPhone 6 has now been tested by several sources – scientific and otherwise.

There have been instances recorded in which the most recent version of the Apple smartphone could be bent with nothing more than pressure from thumbs and fingers. Though the device was not successfully bent with great ease at any point. However, some videos have shown that regardless of where the pressure is applied, the damage is occurring in the same place. For example, if the middle of the phone is subjected to pressure, the area where the buttons are located are most likely to warp.

Carmi Levy, a tech expert, explained that “It’s basically the limits of physics and engineering.” The reason is that the latest Apple iPhone has a width of only 7.1 mm. This is a considerable technological achievement but it does appear to have a significant drawback. Levy added that “You get this really big device with this a big screen and you make it super thin and you make it out of traditional materials like aluminum and at some point something is going to give. So if you bend it hard enough at some point it’s not going to bend back.”

Levy has, therefore, released some recommendations for individuals who have already purchased the iPhone 6 and for those who are still considering buying one. Levy has specifically stated that the device should not be purchased without a case. Moreover, this mobile device should not be carried in pockets that are “a little bit on the tight side”. Apple has since stated that while this could be possible, it would affect device owners only under “rare” circumstances.

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