iPhone 6 may be unveiled at September 9 event

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6

Apple has revealed that it will be holding an event on that date but has said nothing about a smartphone or smartwatch.

In the tradition of Apple event announcements, the company has revealed that it will be holding an important gathering on September 9, and while most in the tech industry are assuming that this will be the time in which the company unveils its next smartphone, the iPhone 6, there has not been any official confirmation of that speculation.

Some are also guessing that this could be the chance for the first Apple smartwatch to be revealed.

Nicknamed the iWatch and the iTime, there has been a smartwatch expected from Apple for many months, and the September 9 event could be the opportunity that the company has been waiting for. However, regardless of whether or not that device makes its way into the spotlight, it is highly likely that the iPhone 6 will already be taking up a good deal of the stage space – particularly because many have been guessing that it will be larger than the previous models.

The event where the iPhone 6 is expected to launch will be held at the same venue as the original announcement of the Mac computer.

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6That venue, in Silicon Valley, was the location in which Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of the company, first showed the world the original Mac computer three decades ago. Since 2007, when Apple released its first iPhone, it has been holding this type of event on an annual basis. That said, this year’s may be the most highly anticipated that the company has held since 2010, when it first released the greatly anticipated iPad tablet.

The reason is that while it is expected that the iPhone 6 will be released – which is reason enough for the event, on its own, the technology world is simply falling over itself to see if there will be a smartwatch to accompany it. All that Apple said in its white invitation was the date and “Wish we could say more.” However, due to the policy of the company to keep absolutely everything a secret until official launches have been made, nothing else has been confirmed.

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