iOS users testing EasyPay mobile payment app trial

iphone mobile payments

iphone mobile payments
Apple has taken its first firm step into the mobile payment world with the intentions of turning its iPhone into a mobile wallet by making a virtual bank out of iTunes.

This week marked the beginning of the Apple EasyPay payment system within its American stores, which will make it possible for its customers to use an iOS app to buy Apple Store accessories simply by using the device to scan the item’s barcode. The customer will make the payment for the purchase through his or her iTunes account, which is connected to one of his or her credit cards.

This new Apple mobile payment system is still in its trial version, which means that it is currently allowing customers to make the purchases only at the Apple retail stores. However, what is implied by this trial is that the technology will be able to reach well into the mobile industry as a whole, and it is likely that Apple will increase the number of opportunities available through EasyPay.

By coordinating the mobile payment service with Apple iTunes, the business is able to reach millions of possible customers, while blocking banks from being able to reach them.

This means that Apple is primed to become a significant player in the mobile payments industry. Computerworld called its recent step into mobile payments a “Trojan horse as it pulls together an elegant and secure payment system based on iTunes.”

The process of paying through EasyPay is quite simple. The customer scans a bar code and then uses a PIN at an in-store terminal, matching it with an AppleID in order to complete the transaction.

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