Inventor puts NFC technology into a ring

NFC technology ring John McLear

NFC technology becomes wearable

NFC technology continues to break away from the realm of mobile commerce as innovative tech developers push the boundaries of the increasingly popular technology. John McLear, an ambitious tech expert and inventor, has created the NFC Ring. Like the name suggests, the NFC Ring is literally a ring that is equipped with NFC technology. The ring can be worn on the finger, of course, but what makes it stand out is its capability to interact with smartphones, tablets, and any other NFC-enabled device.

NFC Ring takes technology to a new level

The most common uses for NFC technology are within the realm of mobile commerce and marketing. The technology has managed to gain a following among consumers because of its ability to transmit data over short distances. NFC is becoming more common as a data sharing tool, allowing users to share music, video, and pictures with friends and family that have NFC-enabled devices. The NFC Ring is meant to operate in such a way and provide consumers with a new way to interact with one another.

Ring manages to attract strong support from consumers

McLear launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the NFC Ring, which has managed to raise more than $60,000 in its first few days. The ring enables a user to share an assortment of information, ranging from WiFi connection credentials to contact information. The ring can also store digital information, such as preferences for mobile applications and access data for security systems. In this way, the NFC Ring can be used to launch mobile applications on a smartphone or tablet in a particular manner or unlock doors equipped with an NFC-enabled mechanism.

Boundaries of NFC technology are being pushed

Wearable technology is becoming more popular, providing innovators like McLear with ample encouragement to push the boundaries of relatively new technologies. NFC technology is still quite young and its full potential has yet to be realized. As the capabilities of NFC technology become more understood, the technology is likely to no longer be exclusive to the realms of mobile commerce and marketing.

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