Interactive packaging beginning to gain momentum in the world of business

QR Codes Used on Packages

QR Codes Used on Packages
The advance of technology brings many changes to the various industries of the world. Emerging marketing techniques centered on the mobile industry have come to redefine advertising as a whole. With the advent of these new marketing strategies, consumers have come to expect more interactive forms of advertising. QR codes are playing a vital role in delivering dynamic content to consumers, and the marketing industry may be on the verge of and interactive explosion, according to Datamonitor, a leading independent market analysis firm.

More companies have been making use of QR codes but it has only been in recent months that they have started plastering the codes on packaging. This comes as a shift in ideology for marketers who once believed the codes were little more than novelty advertising tools. Given the growing popularity of the barcodes and their ability to rapidly disperse information and content to a large audience, the codes are becoming the centerpiece of marketing.

Analysts with Datamonitor believe that more companies are going to begin offering in-depth and engaging experience through QR codes on packaging. The package, while often discarded by consumers after purchase, is one of the first things consumers deal with when making a purchase. By engaging them at this level, Datamonitor says that companies have a chance to drive consumer loyalty by offering them an experience they would not get anywhere else.

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