Intel to make computer chips that incorporate NFC technology

wearables Intel California Headquarters

Intel California Headquarters

The Intel Corporation has announced that it will be developing a new line of computer chips that make use of NFC technology. The acclaimed chip maker has partnered with INSIDE Secure, a French technology company that has been working on promoting NFC chips for some time. Intel believes that NFC, along with augmented reality, will be a major component to future computer systems and will change the way computers share data with one another.

Intel has yet to release any specific details regarding its plans for NFC chips, but the company has shown rabid interest in the technology. The technology that Intel receives from INSIDE Secure will initially be used for reference designs, which will serve as a benchmark for future products. The company will be testing ways to incorporate NFC technology into future computer chips that can be used in mobile devices or laptops. The company believes that the possibility for high performance data transfer will be a major attraction to companies looking to adopt the technology.

Intel’s interest in NFC technology was piqued by companies like Google and Nokia investing in the technology. Both companies have been working to use NFC to promote mobile commerce. NFC enables smart phones to become mobile payment devices, which allow users to make purchases by waving their phone in front of a terminal. Consumers have shown interest in the technology, which has led many companies to exploring ways to incorporate NFC into their business schemes.

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