Ingenico announces new strategic relationship with Isis mobile payments


Mobile Commerce

Leading global payment solutions provider, Ingenico, has announced the start of a strategic relationship with Isis, the mobile payment joint venture among T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T.

This new partnership adds another level to the commitment of Ingenico to taking mobile payments a step further. It also makes it possible for the Isis Mobile Commerce Application, which is integrated into point of sale devices on the new Telium series, to accept loyalty cards, coupon redemption, and payment transactions through the use of a mobile device – such as a smartphone.

This alliance will help to encourage a greater mobile payment technology adoption, which will provide millions of consumers with additional payment options and allow them to use their smartphones to make purchases within American retail stores if they wish to do so.

According to the president of Ingenico North America, Thierry Denis, as mobile technology becomes an increasingly central element of the experience in retail shopping, both the retailers themselves and regular consumers are beginning to use those devices for engagement and transactions while shopping in the stores.

He added that as the company’s position as a leading device and solutions provider for point of sale, the commitment that they are making to their customers is to “continue to innovate on the technology front in order to equip merchants with a versatile secure platform capable of facilitating and accepting diverse forms of payment.”

Denis explained that the company’s decision to support and integrate with the Isis Mobile Commerce Application into their present POS device line makes good common sense in the way that m-commerce is currently evolving.

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