Infographic shows possible ways NFC technology could be used in the near future

Mobile Payments


Mobile Payments

The United Kingdom’s orange Business Services, an information technology and communications company, has high hopes for NFC technology. NFC is becoming more popular as the prospect of mobile commerce grows. Consumers around the world are now being exposed to the technology for the sake of familiarity and orange believes that this will lead to some new uses for NFC. The company has created an infographic which details their expectations for the technology in the near future.

The technology’s uses in mobile commerce are well known by now, but many consumers may begin to see NFC tags showing up at transportation hubs around the world. Ticketing can be streamlined with the use of the technology, allowing consumers to skips lengthy lines at movies or authenticate their tickets without having to wait for assistance from a boarding party. NFC can also be used for car rentals, as the vehicles from rental firms will be equipped with electronic locks that can be opened with NFC technology and the right password.

The technology is also a means of information distribution. Like QR codes, NFC tags can be scanned with a smart phone to reveal details about a particular product or service. orange suspects that the technology will also find a home in the world of medicine as it will enable the seamless transfer of medical records to a hospital with the simple wave of a mobile device.

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