Infinity Augmented Reality developing new system designed specifically for events

augmented reality humanoid robot

augmented reality humanoid robotAugmented reality to be used to experience events from afar

As technology becomes more advanced, new ways to use augmented reality are being discovered. Infinity Augmented Reality, a company devoted to its namesake, has begun developing a new augmented reality system that is meant to allow people to experience events without actually having to attend the event in person. This is to be done through the creation of an immersive system that can surround a user with interactive digital displays. This system is being called the 360-Degree AR Platform.

System makes use of high-tech eyewear for the sake of immersion

The augmented reality platform is designed to use a series of cameras, motion sensors, and image recognition technology in order to provide users with an immersive experience. The system will provide detailed images from a live feed of an event it is being used to experience. In order to accomplish a deeper level of immersion, users will make use of augmented reality eyewear, which will feature the motion sensing and position detection technology needed to make the augmented reality system dynamic.

System could have “unlimited” revenue potential

According to Infinity Augmented Reality CEO Avrohom Oratz, the revenue prospects of this system are “unlimited.” Such a system could prove popular for young consumers that cannot attend event in person but want to experience these events all the same. The system could also be alluring to sports fans that do not get the opportunity to attend their favored sporting events as often as they would like. The revenue prospects of the platform are, however, untested, and there is no way to tell whether augmented reality will have a great deal of appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Augmented reality remains firmly in the mobile space

Currently, augmented reality is most heavily involved in the realms of gaming and entertainment. In these industries, the technology is largely confined to the mobile space. There are a wide variety of applications that make use of the technology and these applications have proven popular among tech-savvy consumers, but the technology has yet to find mass market appeal.

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