The importance of mobile marketing as a part of your mix

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Mobile Commerce

What your mobile ads are telling consumers about you.

Companies of all sizes are now becoming very aware of how critical mobile marketing is to their overall campaign and advertising success.

However, not all businesses realize precisely what their mobile ads are saying about them.

Smartphone penetration among consumers is steadily and quickly increasing and there is nothing but growth ahead for this channel. To understand how it should best be used, you must first know what it can do for you and how consumers are using it in order to better understand you.

After all, traditional methods, such as predictive targeting where assumptions based on demographic profiles are no longer necessary due to the device demographics that are now available. The mobile ads that are being created can now be delivered directly to a consumer that falls within a very specific group so that they will be far more relevant to that individual. This means that, in essence, the communications sent to a particular mobile device are based on that unique consumer and the way that he or she interacts with the content through that smartphone.

By offering device customization, many doors are opened for brands and marketers alike. However, it can be challenging. Therefore, you may want to keep the following mobile marketing benchmarks in mind as your next campaign is developed.

• Likelihood of a response – the intent to purchase is an important factor as it is quite specific to the device. Those using tablets are, for example, more receptive to the mobile ads that they view than the owners of smartphones. In fact, they are almost twice as likely to respond.

• Preferred advertising style – there are many forms of media, and different device users respond different to the types that they see. As a whole, 20 percent prefer ads that are interactive and approximately 25 percent said that they have a greater likelihood of paying attention to mobile ads that include a video. Among women, 29 percent trust SMS communications, while 34.8 percent like display style (video or banner).

• Content preferences – the utility, gaming, and social apps downloaded by a specific consumer can even show those in mobile marketing what type of content is preferred by a specific consumer so that he or she can be catered to accordingly.


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