If you haven’t changed your Twitter password in the last few days, now’s the time

Twitter Password - Twitter on Mobile

This may also be seen as an opportunity to review higher security such as two-factor authentication.

A new Twitter password is the latest recommendation for every one of the social network’s users. In fact, Twitter itself has made this recommendation. Following a bug in their system, all users are urged to create a completely new password.

That said, Twitter and online security experts also see this as an opportunity for people to use upgraded security.

Twitter recently released an important security announcement. Ironically enough, it occurred on National Password Day. Many companies were already reminding their customers of the importance of changing their passwords on a regular basis. However, changing their Twitter password turned out to be even more important.

Within the official Twitter blog post, the company revealed a bug that exposed hundreds of thousands of passwords to internal Twitter staff. As a result, and as a precaution, all users were advised to change their login info.

Additional steps for improved security beyond setting up a new Twitter password.

In honor of National Password Day as well as to help people to better secure their accounts, social media users are reminded of added safety steps. For instance, two-factor authentication. This has become a standard security measure for many programs, websites and apps.

All they require of a user is a cell phone. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be a smartphone. If you’re one of the last owners of an old flip phone – or one of the new dumbphones that have become highly popular as was recently reported in QR Code Press – it will work for you, too. The reason is that all it needs to do is be able to receive a text – even if you can’t send one.

Twitter Password - Twitter on MobileThis way, even if someone got their hands on a user’s password, there is still a second mobile security layer. Unless that person had a user’s login name, password and cell phone (and possibly phone password), it would be impossible to unlock the account.

Alternately, there is an option for users to choose a “mobile security app” two factor security. This option lets people boost their Twitter password security with an app like Google Authenticator.

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