iBuildApp mobile marketing applications now include coupons

Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder
iBuildApp has announced that businesses can now use its free platform to build a mobile app that will offer discount coupons to their customers.

The platform is simple to use and gives businesses the chance to add mobile coupon apps to their marketing. The process of designing a mobile coupon app through the iBuildApp platform takes only a few minutes, and no code needs to be written.

The platform itself is a do-it-yourself web-based tool that uses a pre-existing HTML editor or RSS feed. All that is needed is a description and name for the coupon, and a URL to lead to the coupon. Alternately, a coupon can be entered manually with the WYSIWYG editor.

By using this tool, regardless of experience with apps and mobile, anyone can create a coupon app and then customize and manage it, as well as upload it into an app store. They can also be updated or deleted quickly and simply without needing to wait for approval from the app store before proceeding.

Furthermore, the apps created through the use of the iBuildApp platform also include social media integration, allowing the users to share the discounts with their friends, providing the company offering the coupons with greater exposure.

According to the iBuildApp CEO, Rafael Soultanov, the intention of the company was to assist organizations that are small and medium in size to be able to create their own mobile coupon apps. That way, they can make their own offers instead of having to rely on services such as Groupon. He explained that “Not only will they save money, they can create customers who are loyal to their own brand.”

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