How to mobile marketing tips for the proper use of QR codes

qr code mobile marketing

Using barcodes in advertising for the best results.

Learning the right how to mobile marketing tips and tricks can make a big difference in your ability to use quick response codes to their best advantage.

As smartphones reach a greater penetration, it is vital for marketers to use scannable barcodes properly.

After all, just because QR codes are appearing everywhere, from magazine print ads to product packages, billboards to television commercials, and everything in between, it doesn’t mean that each one of them will produce ideal results. Simply generating a barcode and placing it somewhere is simple. Actually doing it right and obtaining scans requires some precision.

According to the Online PR and Social Media For Experts report author, Randall Craig, a web and media strategist, “Creating a QR code is easy.” He explained by saying that “Just Google the words QR Code and you’ll find a number of no-cost web-based QR Code creators. To read the code, go to your smart phone’s app store and do a similar search, then install what you find.”

qr codes used in business and marketing

Use the following how to mobile marketing tips to help get your efforts off on the right foot:

• Know the purpose of your barcode so that you can give the consumer a reason to actually scan it.

• Make sure that it resolves to a mobile optimized landing page that is designed for a smartphone’s smaller screen and navigation options.

• Make the URL short, so there is less of a chance for errors in a scan.

• Make sure the QR code printout has a high contrast, ideally in black and white.

• Pay attention to where the code is placed, so that it will be displayed in a place where the user will have enough time to see it and scan it.

• Test and re-test the code before printing.

• Think beyond simply resolving to a website. There are many options, such as apps, that are compatible with scans.

One example of a company that is mastering how to mobile marketing with these barcodes is Pitney Bowes, known for their postage meters, released a “Success When Planning Your QR Code Mobile Campaign” which provides marketers with a sensible and direct understanding of understanding, creating, optimizing, and implementing quick response codes.

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