How to improve your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Taking advantage of what mobile marketing has to offer is an important opportunity presented to businesses of all size from this technology. However, like any marketing strategy, mobile must be done properly in order to be effective.

Mobile is a highly effective channel for communicating with and engaging customers and it gives businesses the chance to broaden their audience and, therefore, their customer base. Moreover, it can provide a tremendous contribution to the expansion and accessibility of the awareness of a brand.

In that pursuit, the following tips can help to give any business a notable head start toward better mobile marketing outcomes.

• Always plan ahead – Even before you decide what or how you will be marketing, make sure that you understand your goals and how you’d like to represent yourself. Understand the nature of your campaign even before you know precisely how you will be doing it. Don’t forget that no matter what you plan, it should always allow for immediate retrieval, relevant information, and interesting content.

• Build a foundation – Instead of diving in head-first, build your mobile marketing campaign from the ground up. That will allow you to generate a better understanding of it, complete it with more meticulous attention to detail, and understand how it can be integrated with existing in-store or online campaigns. Don’t forget to support your own efforts with a social media presence, as well.

• Create a mobile website – This should be the very first concrete thing that you do in mobile marketing. By establishing a mobile optimized version of your regular website will make sure that you exist in the online world. Keep in mind that it needs to be visible and usable on a smaller screen, and that it remains appealing and intriguing. Although, many small business owners are on a tight budget, and  may not be able to afford the bells and whistles…yet. If you work on a free platform for your online site like WordPress, check out the plugins available that will optimize your site for mobile viewing. A word to the wise though…test ahead of publishing to make sure your plugins and theme all play along nicely.

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