Home Depot’s New QR Code Campaign Released

Home Depot Uses QR Codes

Home Depot has long been lauded for its helpful and enthusiastic staff. The retailer has prided itself on the experience it offers customers and is now taking their efforts to the next level by using QR codes in their stores. Today, the retailer announced that they will be using the codes in a series of advertisements that will be launched nationwide. They will also be directing consumers to download scanning applications to their smart phones so that they will be able to participate in the campaign.

The codes have become increasingly popular within the past year. More businesses are using them as an essential part of their marketing campaigns. The barcodes have garnered acclaim for their ability to offer dynamic interaction between consumer and business.

Shoppers will be able to scan the codes they find inside the stores to gain access to product information, demos and instructional videos. Codes found outside of the store will allow consumers to shop online from their mobile device. In this way, Home Depot has expressed their commitment to engaging consumers wherever they may be.

“We know our customers are already using mobile devioces to assist in the purchasing process,” says Tom Sweeney, senior director of online strategy for HomeDepot.com. He believes that by adopting this new technology the retailer is moving into a new era of customer interaction.

Home Depot is the latest in a line of retailers that have incorporated QR codes, following Macy’s and Vintage Tub and Bath.

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