Holiday travelers reminded to safely use mobile gadgets when traveling by air or car

Mobile devices travel suitcase

Millions of people will be visiting family and friends over the next week and amid the fun, safety comes first.

Officials in countries around the world, including those in the European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom, and others are reminding travelers to use their mobile gadgets safely.

Travelers are being reminded to put safety first whether they plan to hit the road or the skies.

It can be easy to forget the very basic safety habits when we’re trying to keep up with busy schedules, very little sleep, over-excited children and last minute shopping. However, with so many people in the same situation, driving or flying across the city, state or even country, sometimes in inclement weather, it’s especially important to pay attention to air and road safety. Among the safety issues most likely to be forgotten includes the proper use of mobile gadgets.

Travelers are reminded to use the following simple mobile gadgets safety tricks this holiday season.

Mobile devices travel suitcaseThe European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have issue a reminder to airline passengers regarding the safe transportation of the electronic devices they carry and that contain lithium ion batteries. These types of batteries power gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even e-cigarettes. When not transported properly, they are a fire risk.

Since the last thing most travelers want to do is light a fire in the hold of a plane that would be very difficult to extinguish, it’s a good idea to bring those devices within carry-on luggage instead of adding it to checked luggage.

“It is important that airlines inform their passengers that large personal electronic devices should be carried in the passenger cabin whenever possible,” said a statement from the EASA.

Travelers who will be driving instead of flying are being reminded not to use their mobile devices while behind the wheel. Recent statistics have shown that the old comparison between drunk driving and distracted driving from texting is out of date.

New data shows that drivers who text are twice as likely to be involved in a crash as those who drink and drive.

In the UK, a new program has launched called the “Make it home for Christmas” campaign, urging drivers to leave their mobile gadgets aside until they’re no longer operating their vehicles. The hope is to reduce the number of distracted driving injuries and deaths this year as the number of casualties related to driver use of mobile phones has increased steadily since 2011.

The entire team at QR Code Press wishes you a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season!

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