Holiday Inn London launches augmented reality campaign ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games

Augmented Reality Video6

Holiday Inn London is claiming the title of world’s first augmented reality hotel. The expansive hotel chain has teamed with augmented reality developer Aurasma to launch the Holiday Inn Olympic STAY YOU Campaign. The campaign brings together some of the British athletes that will compete in this year’s Olympic Games, which will be held in London. Holiday Inn is preparing for the event by giving those visiting the country to view the Olympics a chance to see Olympic athletes in their own rooms. These will only be digital representations, of course, as the athletes may be busy with other things.

Athletes were recorded by Aurasma in a number of different scenarios, such as playing ping pong and windsurfing with bed sheets. Visitors will be able to see these augmented reality experiences using their smart phones, which will need the Aurasma AR browsing application installed. Aurasma is using advanced image recognition technology to ensure that these augmented reality experiences can be viewed anywhere in the hotel.

Holiday Inn expects that is augmented reality initiative will be a big hit with travels coming from all over the world to see the Olympics. The hotel has not yet announced plans to continue its work with augmented reality. If their campaign proves successful, however, this may mark the beginning of the hotel’s use of the technology. Thus far, consumers have responded well to augmented reality campaigns, so this may be a possibility.

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