Healthiest barcode in the world: QR code made from organic fruits and vegetables

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 Edible QR Codes

QR codes are often considered the pioneer of interactive mobile marketing. Indeed, the codes have proven that more people are more apt to get hooked into marketing campaigns if they are interactive. It should come as no surprise, then, that the codes are taking this interactivity to a new level by becoming edible.

Edible QR codes have been made from blocks of chocolate, frosting, mints and other sorts of junk food in the past. Such initiatives have been met with success, as consumers revel in the novelty of the codes. NPP, a Swedish advertising agency, seeks to move away from the junk and make edible codes healthier. The firm has created the world’s first edible QR code comprised entirely of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

The code is designed for use by NetXtra, a popular online grocery store that allows shoppers to purchase what they need from home. A team from NPP went to a local grocery store to gather the necessary materials and set about constructing the rather large code on a sheet of stainless steel. The code itself bears little resemblance to the traditional black and white, blocky pattern of its contemporaries, but NPP claims that it can be scanned like any other code.

The agency released a video via their YouTube page showing the construction of the code. The code is meant to resolve to a mobile website through which mobile users can learn about NetXtra, but getting the code to work properly is something of a challenge.

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