Healthcare industry is going mobile with award winning apps

Healthcare Mobile Marketing Industry
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Healthcare Mobile Marketing Industry
The healthcare industry’s ever-growing trend toward mobile technology has taken another step forward with the introduction of new award-winning apps available to smartphone users, such as those introduced by Humana.

Smartphone users are no stranger to applications relating to basic health and fitness, known as mHealth apps, and industry giants have not failed to notice. MyHumana Mobile, by Humana, one of the largest and most well-established American publically traded companies in the healthcare industry, recently received the first-ever “Best Medical App” Appy Award which was handed out in San Francisco at the 2011 OMMA Global Conference.

The director of strategic communications at Humana, Chris Nicholson said that its app stood out above all of the other mHealth apps “because the app meets consumer expectation in what an mHealth application should be.”

The award-winning app is available for free and includes extensive information and features for members of Humana. It also allows the users to access their health plan details, such as their group name and number and their own unique Member ID number, as well as deductibles and copayments. App users can also use MyHumana to look into details regarding their claims, such as updated status reports.

The technology used by this mobile app also allows for additional up to date, real-time information, such as the identification of the user’s location so that relevant searches can be performed for healthcare providers, including their contact information, driving directions, credentials, and affiliations.

According to Nicholson, the healthcare industry sees this type of mobile technology as highly important, as mobile healthcare offers a level of access that is otherwise entirely unavailable. Users of these apps can obtain the information they require at precisely the moment they need it.

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